Thelia’s Apothecary is a small business promoting health through traditional medicine. A traveling business, Thelia’s Apothecary loves to move around the Northwest and Arizona so be sure to check out the events she’s at on her calendar page. If you can’t visit in person, be sure to check out her online shop.

Inspired by ancient history and folklore, many products are named after gods, spirits, creatures, and mythical heroes. The name “Thelia” is inspired by the siren Thelxiepeia, one of the three sirens that were companions of Persephone.

Dani Hoots is the owner of Thelia’s Apothecary. She is currently a student at Bastyr University where she is earning a degree in Herbal Science. Aside from creating herbal medicine, she loves to explore nature, read, perform circus arts, do tarot readings, play D&D, learn languages, and stay at haunted hotels. Dani is also an indie author and has published over seven novels. Check out her works at danihoots.com.


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